Here in Burleigh, we’re deadly serious about making great beer, but we sure love a bit of fun along the way. We always consider the impact we have on our environment and are constantly listening to you, the people who drink our beer.

Taking all of these factors into account, we decided to spend a bunch of time looking at our packaging and see how it could better serve all of us.

There’d been reports about the bottom of our “basket” six packs getting damp and letting beers escape, others reported that they’d fall over in transit and let bottles slide out the top. Our new packaging is built to keep your beer safer.
Another goal was to remove the need for glues. These new wrappings have none.
We wanted to reduce the amount of cardboard used in each six pack, so we did that too.
We can also now fit 260% more of these new six packs onto one pallet. That means less emissions because of the huge reduction in freight frequency (yep, that’s nearly two thirds fewer deliveries to us of raw six pack material).
The crew on our bottling line have picked up fresh skills working with some new equipment, all while moving more beer to the world, more safely and with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.
So, we’re proud to say, our new packaging is finding its way to stores around Australia.

We’re in love with the result, and couldn’t have done it without your input, so thank you!
Now … let’s go have a beer.

Last updated 17 September 2020


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