Recycle. Reinvent. Repurpose.
There is something special about our new Burleigh Brewing tap handle!

We teamed up with local artist Deadwood Creative to craft a unique and premium tap handle built from recycled skateboards. There are over 20 million skateboards sold each year worldwide and over two million broken skateboards hit landfill each year. It takes a single skateboard deck to create a Burleigh Brewing tap handle.
@Deadwoodcreative spent months collecting broken skateboards and created each tap handle perfect for beer pouring. Join the movement. Recycle, reinvent and repurpose.

Play Video – featuring local Pro Skateboarder Dennis Durrant, Deadwood and our fresh looking tap handles. Visit the Burleigh Brewing Taphouse or The Collective in Palm Beach to see them first hand.



It’s no coincidence that our beer is named after the town that inspired it. Right from the get-go, we knew we wanted to create a business that was community-minded, with a focus on sustainability — after all, we need to look after our little slice of coastal heaven. Local First is at the forefront of every decision we make.

It means that where we can, we forge genuine partnerships with local suppliers who grow with us. It means sometimes thinking outside of the box — take our partnership with local cattle farmers in Tallebudgera — every day, we give them our used grain from the malted barley to feed their cattle. Without that partnership, tonnes of waste would go to landfill, and the farmers would be paying for feed. Our Strawberry Ginger and Black Giraffe brews also feature locally sourced strawberries and the best local roasted coffee beans. Even our beer tap handles get the Local First treatment, they’re created by local artist Deadwood, using recycled skateboards.

Last updated 12 September 2020


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