The Journey to Burleigh Keg Jump 2022

We’re super thankful to all our key trade partners who supported us in the lead up to Burleigh Keg Jump 2022. 🍻

The journey first started with Craft Cartel LiquorLiquor Legends and 150 + independent stores running 3 seperate, enter-to-win The Ultimate Burleigh Keg Jump Experience competitions. Along with last years winner (who missed out thanks COVID!), three winners were selected from around the country and flown in with a plus 1 for the occasion. They were also treated to an exclusive tour of the brewery, new season merch packs and a whole lot of Burleigh craft beer.

A massive thank you as-well, to stellar venues The Local Taphouse (Melbourne), The Balmain (Sydney), The Plough Inn (Brisbane) and Burleigh Heads Hotel (Gold Coast). These folk all showed us amazing hospitality when letting us shoot our initial promotional video, featuring elite level industry skaters Sam Atkins, Chima Ferguson, Dennis Durrant & Chase Jaeger. Check out the clip below, shot by renowned skate videographers, Leigh Bolton and James James.

Last updated 6 July 2022


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