The Brown Bottle

Keeping beer as fresh as possible is super important to us here at Burleigh Brewing, and we’re always making sure we’re doing the right things to ensure the beer you drink is as fresh as can be.

Alongside Oxygen, heat and time, visible light is one of the biggest contributors to ruining beer. Scientifically speaking when light strikes beer it starts to break down the hop compounds and turns them to sulfur compounds, almost immediately changing its flavour – Sulfur to taste, isn’t very nice and certainly doesn’t belong in your frothy.

Considering the options, we looked at the science behind how bottle colour can help protect that precious liquid … In a clear bottle, there’s very little protection with the beer inside becoming “light struck” almost immediately (that’s the official name for it btw). Inside a green bottle, there’s a fraction more protection, but only a few days, whereas a brown bottle gives you almost 200 days of beer tasting the way it was intended.

Keep the light out and drink from a brown bottle. You’ll taste the freshness.

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Last updated 17 September 2020


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