Being chauffeured around learning about beer, talking about beer and drinking new styles of beer… sounds like a dream right?

Whether you’re a certified beer geek or a complete newcomer to the craft beer scene, brewery tours are a great way to experience what the region has to offer as a collective.

To get you started on your expedition we’ve compiled a short list of options which may tickle your fancy:

Hop On Brewery Tours

Do you want to check out local craft breweries from Ipswich to Capalaba and Mount Tambourine to the Gold Coast? Join a fun-filled expedition exploring the local craft beer scene of South East Queensland. With full day and half day options, the tours will give you a hearty glimpse taking you inside the venues so you can see how your favourite beer is made. Take advantage of opportunities to talk to the brewers and understand the processes, plus sample the finished products along the way.

Find out more about Hop On Brewery Tours here

Ambience On Tour

Hop aboard the full day Gold Coast experience visiting a number of popular breweries and sample the fruits of The Coast. Taste a wide range of craft beers and take a tour through a brewery; see how everything is crafted behind the scenes. If you want to see what the Gold Coast beer culture has to offer – this is a great option.

Find out more about Ambience On Tour here

Simply want the get up close and personal with Burleigh Brewing? We got your back. Come in to the Taphouse and get your fix with an ‘access all areas’ small group tour. See how we do it, where we do it and why by spending an hour with our brewmaster, Brennan. Enjoy beers with the guy who created them, a good old look around our craft brewery and an opportunity to get inside the brain of one of the world’s most passionate and awarded brewers. Then hang out in our Taphouse for a little bit longer and enjoy shared food platters designed to match our beers while you reflect on all that you have seen, heard and sampled.

Find out more about our Backstage with the Brewmaster tours here

Last updated 23 September 2021


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