Senior Brewer Sean is shaving his head for a cause!

We’re sending thank you beers for your donations!

Sean Culverston

Senior Brewer

Our Senior Brewer, Sean recently celebrated his milestone 10th Year Anniversary working for Burleigh Brewing. Sean’s career boasts thousands of brews – a testament to his knowledge and dedication to the industry. He, along with his long-time brewing peers, have been the core force behind the success of Burleigh Brewing. Brewmaster and Co-Founder, Brennan Fielding remarks “My favourite thing about Sean is that he’s an ideas man… he has the perfect balance of creativity and practicality that is emphasised through his work ethic, he’s a real problem solver”.

When Sean first came to Burleigh Brewing, he was a Byron Bay native who couldn’t imagine ever moving to the Gold Coast. Fast forward to now, he couldn’t imagine ever leaving (lucky for us!)

Saying goodbye to the locks…

Sean has had his dreadlocks for 17 years! There are 49 of them and the longest dreadlock measures an impressive 124cm (that’s as tall as a stack of 5 Burleigh cartons)! Shaving them off is a big deal! Money raised through his participation in The World’s Greatest Shave will go to the Leukaemia Foundation.

We’re sending thank you beers for your donations!

With Sean having been part of our crew for more than a decade, his dreadlocks are almost as special to us as they are to him! We’re throwing our support behind the cause in a number of ways, including:

1. For anyone who donates $50 or more through Sean’s official fundraising page, we’ll send a 4 pack of Burleigh beer (within Australia) to thank you for your support!

2. With Burleigh Twisted Palm being one of Sean’s fave’s, we’ll also donate $1 for every schooner of Twisted Palm sold through the Taphouse from now until the day of the shave, Saturday 19th March! We’d love it if you’d help us to help Sean to make sure his precious dreadlocks work super hard to raise funds for this important cause.

Earn your free 4 pack


At the Burleigh Taphouse on Saturday the 19th of March, Sean shaved his locks off. His total raised in the lead up to the day was $10,150.55! Thank you to everyone who donated and supported Sean on this journey.

Last updated 26 April 2022


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