Repetition Randomness

We love to celebrate local creativity! Check out this video package by 98 Collections and showing interview clips and footage from Jay Jermyn’s first exhibition, Repetition Randomness.

“REPETITION RANDOMNESS” – what does this mean you ask? Well it’s the name of the first exhibition from Gold Coast emerging artist, Jay Jermyn. Supported by the good folk at Maverick Hair & Art Space (and Burleigh Brewing), Jay is one of a host of local artists who are showcasing their work on a regular basis within Maverick’s unique space that caters for hair, art and design lovers. After being approached by event organisers to get involved, Burleigh Brewing jumped at the chance to again support the local art scene and guests were treated to some of Burleigh Brewing’s world class local craft beer on the evening. I mean, art must surely be even better appreciated when you’re enjoying a cold one, right?

Last updated 8 September 2020


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