From the very beginning we’ve aimed to be responsible with our waste.

A part of the brewing process always produces a bi-product called spent grain. Local vet, farmer and good friend of the Brewery, Andrew, has become part of helping us find a new home for spent grain – something we’d otherwise need to dispose of. He and his neighbours enable us to share it with some of our four legged friends.

Andrew and his neighbours collect anywhere from two to four tonnes of spent grain per day, which then becomes a solid part of the diet for herds of cattle in the local region.
Andrew says there’s more benefits than just the food for his cattle – he gets to check that none of the herd have gone missing or are falling behind and makes sure they’re healthy at each feeding as they move excitedly toward his tractor for chow time.

As a vet, it’s important to Andrew that the animals in his care are healthy, so he’s happy to share that his cattle are loving the supplement and are physically benefiting from it too.

Check out the video for more of the story:

Last updated 17 September 2020


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