Burleigh Party Keg


You’ll be everyone’s favourite person this summer when you turn up to the party with a keg of fresh world class local beer for all your mates to enjoy!

All Party Kegs come with an ice bucket (no ice) and pump tap.

Each keg contains 116 schooners of fresh Burleigh beer.

Once you have placed an order for your keg, we will be in contact within 24 hours to organise a $100 pre-authorisation bond held on credit card and pick up of your party keg (If you have purchased your keg for use within that 24-hour period please contact Burleigh Brewing on 0755936000 to organise).

The keg must be kept on ice or refrigerated at all times, They are super easy to use as it’s just a manual pump, rather than a reticulation system using CO2.Please ask a member of staff for any tips, tricks or advice you might need.

*All items must be returned to Burleigh Brewing before 3pm Monday, your pre-authorisation will be kept and used to replace missing items only  if  it has been over 14 days since initial pickup

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Weight 5 kg

Burleigh Bighead, Burleigh Twisted Palm, Burleigh Mid-Tide, Burleigh 28, Burleigh Blonde, Burleigh Hop Nectar, Burleigh Sublime, Burleigh Sass