Our Brewers’ Notebook

Inspired by new adventures, we’re always dreaming of our next brew. We can’t help it, we were born this way. Lifted straight from the pages of our Brewers’ Notebook we invite you to enjoy our latest creation – released in a limited batch, because there are many more pages to bring to life.

What is our Brewers’ Notebook and why is it so special?

Just like any great artist, our brewers draw their inspiration for new beers from all around them. The smells, the sights, the people, the conversations and their adventures. We encourage everyone in our brew team to put their creativity to the test and create their dream beers to share with each other, and all of you!

Anyone from the brew team can put their ideas into the Brewers’ Notebook. Every couple weeks a new beer is brought to life on our pilot plant (small scale brewing system). This produces a few kegs of beery goodness to go on tap in our Burleigh Taphouse. They don’t last long and those that become your favourite, have a chance at becoming an official Brewers’ Notebook beer. This means they get brewed on our main brewhouse system, then packaged in limited quantities and distributed around the country for anyone who is quick enough to get their thirsty hands on.

Co-founder and Brewmaster Brennan Fielding says he’s stoked to be able to bring all these beers to life! “I love the history of beer so I find a lot of inspiration in that, trying to create beers as they would have been hundreds of years ago. I also love experimenting with new hop varieties and seeing what else I can use to make awesome flavours in beer. I’m excited that my brew team can be part of this too. Some of the beers we have in the pipeline are just going to be delicious.”


Although our “Brewers’ Notebook” is a new to you, Burleigh Brewing has been creating exciting and interesting beers since the very beginning. The first of which were known as “The Bit on the Side”. These were limited release tallies! Over time this has now morphed into what our Brewers’ Notebook is today. Join our community to be the first to know when there’s a new brew on its way (We mean that! Our community members get first access to all Brewers’ Notebook releases).

Since before cans were a thing…

What we’ve brought to life so far…

Burleigh Hop Nectar Juicy IPA

Burleigh Hop Nectar

Juicy IPA 6.0% ABV

Our brewers have combined the juicy malts of full-bodied ales with a unique combination of hops to create this juicy, re-imagined IPA. Hop Nectar is extremely aromatic, boasting big floral characters. The unique combination of hops produces characters of grapefruit, berry and mango and the underlying juicy malt combination evolves this beer to a place where bitterness shares the limelight more fairly with firm, bold juiciness, wrapped in a surprisingly light drinking experience – all with Burleigh’s trademark balance.

Burleigh Fifteen

Dusseldorf Dunkel 6.0% ABV

In celebration of our fifteenth year, we’ve taken inspiration from 15th Century German brewing to create Burleigh Dusseldorf Dunkel. Dark lagers, which came to be known as dunkel, grew in popularity in the 1700s. Yet in the 15th Century, towns like Dusseldorf were brewing malty, smoky ales. Burleigh Fifteen is a nod to those times. Compared with a modern dunkel, you’ll find slightly more body & sweetness, with just the right amount of hops to balance out the experience.

Last updated 5 August 2021


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