Burleigh Wild Berry IPA is now available in VERY limited quantities in a 375ml can!

By popular demand, this character-filled adventure into the wild has now been packaged for limited distribution. Brewed with real berries and boasting vibrant flavour and colour, all blanketed in IPA hoppiness, this is our spring-time twist on the popular IPA style.

We first brewed Burleigh Wild Berry IPA to feature in our Taphouse Exclusive beers at the Burleigh Brewing Taphouse. The beer went wild! We love brewing IPA’s as much as beer-lovers enjoy drinking them. There is a wide breadth of creativity that can be incorporated into the IPA style and this one has it all.

At 6.8% ABV this is a serious IPA. Don’t let the colour fool you. 

Burleigh Wild Berry IPA

Burleigh Wild Berry IPA sold out at every craft beer festival it has been to, including the recent Beer InCider event in Brisbane. It’s now available on tap and in four packs at the Burleigh Brewing TAPHOUSE and at selected venues and independent bottle shops in Queensland and New South Wales.

Stocks are VERY limited. Be quick!

Last updated 13 September 2020


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