We sat down with Burleigh Beer Enabler Skagen (pronounced Skane) to learn a little about him and what he enjoys – in the beer and non beer world.

What’s your favourite Beer? Burleigh and non Burleigh.

My favourite Burleigh beer would have to be Burleigh Twisted Palm because I like the little man on the label. He’s my spirit animal.

When did you start working at BB?

Being a family business I’ve always been around to lend a helping hand but I started working in the Taphouse about a year ago.

Is this your first bar tending job?

Yes it is and it’s probably the only one I’ll ever have.

Are you studying? What, where, for how long?

I’m studing Law at Bond Uni. This is my first year of studing and I have 2 and a half years to go.

Besides beer, interests?

My interest include jiu-jitsu, going to the gym, surfing, skating and singing in the shower.

Do you think you know more about beer/enjoy beer more now than you did before you started at Burleigh?

Yes and no. Growing up around Dad (Brennan Fieling, co-founder and Brewmaster) he was always teaching us things about beer and telling us stories but I’ve definitely learnt more since working in the Taphouse.

If you could brew anything, what would it be?

I would make a berry beer and call it Burleigh Berry Beer.

Do you have a special beer related skill?

I can flip about 15 coasters on the edge of a table with both hands at once and my eyes closed 😉

Who has the maddest skills in the bar?

Definetly me but Nat looks the coolest… Actually no, it just isn’t me, its 100% Nat.

Most impressive beer fact you know?

I know that beer saved the world because back in the day they couldn’t drink water because it was contaminated but in the brewing process they boiled the water which killed all the nasties so it was safe to drink but no one could work out why. They just knew they were better off drinking beer than water.

Why do you think a local should come to the Taphouse next month when we re-open the Taphouse?

Because you won’t find a better beer anywhere else, obviously. What other reason do you need?

Last updated 14 March 2022


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