We sat down with Burleigh Beer Enabler Michaela to learn a little about her and what she enjoys – in the beer and non beer world.

So Michaela, first things first. What’s your favourite Beer? Burleigh and non Burleigh.

I would have to say my go-to Burleigh beer is the Burleigh 28, but I’m also a huge fan of My Wife’s Bitter (May she rest in peace).

When did you start working at Burleigh Brewing?

I started working in the brewery at the ripe tender age of 23, so just over a year and a half ago!

Is this your first bar tending job?

I’m no new comer to the bar tending game, I have been whipping around the bar scene since the early 90s, just kidding. But no I have had a few bar tending jobs so far 🙂

Are you currently studying? 

Yes! I’m currently studying at Griffith University to become a local Ocean Hero (Marine Scientist). One more year to go! I’ve always loved nature and the ocean especially. I would love to travel with my work and know that I’m making a difference and helping to save the oceans at the same time.

Besides beer (of course!), what are your interests?

When I’m not slinging craft beers at the brewery, I’ll be out enjoying the ocean (diving or surfing), cooking my little heart out in the kitchen for mates or wiggling my hips at a local gig.

Do you believe you know more about beer since working at Burleigh Brewing? 

I can definitely say my beer knowledge has gone from zero to hero. I love taking people on tours through the brewery and showing off what I know about the way we brew our beer and what makes it so special.

If you could brew anything, what would it be?

Oooo well, I do have to say I’m a sucker for anything spicy so maybe a chilli beer…or even a chocolate chilly beer! I’d call it Spicy Mumma.

Do you have a special beer related skill?

I don’t think I have ever poured a bad beer…

Who has the maddest skills in the bar?

I think we all know the answer to that question… me.

Most impressive beer fact you know?

Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass of beer.

When can our Brewery locals meet you?

With the Burleigh Taphouse closed at the moment, all the Burleigh Beer Enablers are keeping busy doing local beer deliveries and Friday Fills. So order beer online or come grab a Grande Growler on Friday and an awesome Burleigh Beer Enabler will sort you out! Thanks for doing your part to Keep Local Alive! I can’t wait until I can pour beers for you at events, festivals and of course the Burleigh Taphouse again!

Last updated 14 March 2022


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