Meet Beer Enabler: Jett

We’re stitting down with Burleigh Beer Enabler, Jett to learn a little about him and what he enjoys – in the beer and non beer world. Come down to the Burleigh Taphouse this weekend to meet Jett in person and he’ll tell you all about the origins of the IPA!

So Jett, what’s your favourite beer?

I really like the Burleigh 28. My favourite taphouse exclusive was the Burleigh High-Tide, I hope we bring it back one day!

When did you start working at Burleigh Brewing?

I started working here in the Taphouse in September of 2019. During Covid when the Burleigh Taphouse was closed I worked as a brewery assistant and now I’m back in the Taphouse as a Taphouse Coordinator!

Is this your first bar tending job?

Yes. Before I started at Burleigh I worked in retail, building event sites and also interned at the World Surf League.

Besides beer, what are your interests?

I love surfing! I used to compete but now I just do it for the love of it. The best break I’ve ever surfed was Cloud Break in FIJI.

Do you think you know more about beer/enjoy beer more now than you did before you started at Burleigh?

Yes 100%! I knew next to nothing about beer before this job, now I know it inside out.

If you could brew anything, what would it be?

I really like the taste of caramel malts so probably nice dark, smooth ale with heavy caramel flavours and a hint of chocolate! It would be like a Mars Bar beer…

Do you have a special beer related skill?

I think I have the fasted cleaning time of our Lauter Tuns.

Who has the baddest skills in the bar?

Jack Carrol, even though I hate admitting it.

Most impressive beer fact you know?

I think the craziest thing to me is how long beer has been around! The history of beer dates all the way back to the Sumerian civilisation, about 9 thousand years ago and then was made popular by the Egyptians a thousand years after that.

Why do you think a local should come to the Taphouse this weekend?

We have a great selection of beer as well as great live music on Saturday and Sunday.

Last updated 27 January 2022


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