At Burleigh we live our passion everyday by making the world’s best beers. Now we celebrate our friends who are living theirs!

Introducing local talent Tom Gilroy who creates custom motorcycles in his Purpose Built Moto workshop in Mermaid on the Gold Coast. Tom will feature his handcrafted motorcycles as Artist In Residence at Burleigh Brewing for the month of August, complimented with a new Live Your Passion video released August 2nd 2019!


Thank you for being involved in the Burleigh Live Your Passion movement. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Tom Gilroy 28, I live in Mermaid Waters and I run a custom motorcycle shop called Purpose Built Moto.

How and when did you first get into custom motorcycles?

I started building bikes in 2014, I bought myself a heap of junk and started chopping it up. By the time I’d finished that project in 2016, I had gained a decent following on my project online. Shortly after I was asked to build my first customer project.

Can you tell us a little about Purpose Built Moto?

Purpose Built Moto has a heavy focus on motorcycles built for the rider. They tell me what they want the bike for and I shape that concept into a functioning, rideable expression of my skills.

What type of motorcycles do you create?

I don’t build any type of motorcycle. I will take anything, and craft that into a motorcycle that functions and looks how I think it should.

Where does the inspiration come from to create such unique designs?

I don’t seek inspiration often from outside sources, especially not from other bike builders. While I definitely admire and look up to a lot of people. I take an introspective approach to my build process. The strongest inspiration and motivations always come from within. You just need to find it.


What motivates you to push the limits? 

The only thing that perpetuates what I do is progress. I strive under pressure, and I place that pressure on my self deliberately to get better. In all things. The end product that rolls out of my workshop isn’t a better motorcycle than the last. You’re seeing a piece that was created by a better builder. The motorcycle is a memento of where I am, at that point in time.

Can you tell us a little about your involvement in the local moto community? 

I’ve always made an effort to support my community of riders. When you simplify what I do, the only reason I can do it, is because of those around me. The rider community allows me to have a workshop, and supports my ideas through buying the products I create and keeps me in check when I faulter. Motosocial is an exercise in gratitude for the community that supports me.

What is Motosocial and how has the event evolved for 2019?

Motosocial is a community group I run with the help of Sandbar Surfers Paradise. I organise rides and gatherings to encourage people to get on their bikes and meet others outside their normal social circle. Sandbar hosts our annual Motosocial show and party on the Surfers Paradise esplanade and we’ve been growing year on year; attracting a wide variety of builders and riders from all along the east coast. Sandbar is an amazing venue and the event on Saturday 24th of August will be filled to the brim with hand-built motorcycles and hundreds of bikes parked along the Surfers beach esplanade. The Motosocial show is always a great spectacle!

Would you agree building bikes is definitely an art form?

In very rare cases yes. Art is defined as the expression of human creativity and imagination. Sometimes that applies to building motorcycles, a lot of the time we fall into the trap of recycling what we’ve already seen. A lot of Bike Builders are guilty of that, myself included. That’s why I try to shut out outside influence.

What do you love most about what you do? 

There’s a lot to love in what I do. The small things that I work on day in, day out. Pouring my energy into the design and fabrication of a tool that eventually will provide someone with the time of their life. Something that they will make memories on.


What are some of the moments in motorcycling that have truly put a smile on your face?

Bad memories involving motorcycles are hard to come by. I take enjoyment out of the every day. I’m lucky enough that by some chance people resonate with what I create. I’m thankful for that.

Why do you believe it is so important that others live their passion?

Living your passion can mean 1000 things to 1000 people. Be happy with what you have, and the life you’ve been given. The rest will fall into place.

We are stoked to be working with you on this project, what do you admire about Burleigh Brewing craft beer?

Anyone that can create a beer that tastes like Burleigh Twisted Palm is alright with me!

Purpose Built Moto

Last updated 14 March 2022


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