At Burleigh we live our passion everyday by making the world’s best beers. Now we celebrate our friends who are living theirs! Introducing the new Live Your Passion video featuring Dennis Durrant, one of the most respected and talented street skaters in Australia. #liveyourpassion

Thank you for being involved in the Burleigh Live Your Passion movement. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Dennis Durrant. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and I am a professional skateboarder.

How and when did you first get into skateboarding?

I first started Skateboarding in 1997, in small town called Gladstone. Thankfully, my brother had the idea of buying a skateboard and being the younger brother I wanted to do everything he did. So, from there we both saved up to buy a setup that we shared. Growing up in a small town, it’s easy to get caught up doing the wrong the thing and hanging around the wrong people. So that became a positive outlet in our lives, skateboarding saved us in a way.

Skateboarders are definitely creative, savvy and versatile. What do you love about street skating and finding new spots to skate?

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you find that perfect spot where you can visualise a trick that you have been thinking about for ages, and then when you get that trick at that spot it is the most amazing feeling of accomplishment. Turning thoughts into a reality.

Are there any local spots on the Gold Coast or Brisbane you enjoy to skate?

There are so many spots around locally, but the most fun ones are usually those mellow spots where you can just skate and have fun with your mates without getting hassled or kicked out.

Where in the world has skateboarding taken you?

Skateboarding has given me the opportunity to travel all around the world even to places I never even dreamt of going to. To this day it trips me out when I think of all the different places I’ve had the privilege to ride my skateboard.

What inspires you to skate and get out there every day (solo or with your mates)?

Just that feeling I get when I’m on my board, whether I’m skating down the street with my dog or at a skatepark having fun with mates or filming at skate spot. When I’m on my board I just feel like I’m living in the moment and that’s all that matters at the moment in time. Everything from the sound of the wheels to being tired and sore I love every aspect of it.

What are some of the moments in skateboarding that truly put a smile on your face?

Thinking about all the places I have been and the great people I have met, and the friends I have made through skateboarding.

Why do you believe it is so important that others live their passion?

I believe you should live your passion and follow your dreams. If you have a dream you should pursue it and don’t let anything hold you back.  I think it’s important to surround yourself with other like-minded people who inspire you and share the same passion. You never want to look back on life and regret not taking a chance to do something that you genuinely love.

What do you admire about Burleigh Brewing craft beer?

The beer is amazing, and the brewery has a great atmosphere.  I think Burleigh Brewing is unique and different in the way they are getting involved with the alternative cultures and influences from the people around them.

Last updated 14 March 2022


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