At Burleigh we live our passion everyday by making the world’s best beers. Now we celebrate our friends who are living theirs! Passion is the reason we get out of bed in the morning, passion for our craft, for our local town, and our community. It’s what inspired our Live Your Passion series, a celebration of the immensely talented creatives bringing their own passions to life. Next on our Live Your Passion line-up is local artist Loretta Lizzio!

As our new Burleigh Artist In Residence, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Loretta Lizzio, I am 32 years old and am based on the Gold Coast. I work full time as an artist painting large scale murals and studio work.

How and when did you first get into art and in particular street art?

I have been creating and making art since I can remember. I always thought of it as a hobby until I met the right people who inspired me to take it further when I was 24. I have been working full time as an artist and illustrator for the past four years and have been creating street art murals for the past three years. Living in Melbourne for a short stint really helped to further my progression with art and street art in particular.

Can you tell us a little about your recent murals?

This year I completed a silo painting located in Brunswick, Melbourne. The silo project started with a small group of people living within the culturally rich community of Brunswick who reached out and asked if I wanted to be involved. When I saw Hagen Hopkins photograph of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden hugging a woman from the mosque after the Christchurch terrorist attack, it felt so powerful and spoke of universal love and acceptance. We wanted art and that image to be our response, we wanted to put our own ripple out there: a ripple of hope, compassion and love. I can’t believe attacks like this one are still happening, and often. In times like these, our political leaders have the potential to either divide or unify communities with their response and actions. While I didn’t want this project to be solely about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, I wanted this to celebrate the good that can be done. This artwork was created with the intention of bringing people together, to feel a sense of belonging and ownership through connection to art. I would like to think that this project accomplished just that.

What art mediums or paint do you usually work with?

When working in the studio I work with oil on board or canvas. I like to experiment with resin and gold leaf as well. When working outdoors I use exterior house paint.

Where does the inspiration come from to create such unique designs?

I am inspired by a combination of things at the right time. When the perfect song comes on while I am drinking coffee and having a great conversation with someone or reading an interesting book. After watching a visually stunning film or exploring outdoors. Good vibes and the right mood setting at the right time will spark all kinds of inspiration.

What motivates you to go bigger and better? 

I like setting challenges for myself or taking on new projects that scare me. Experimenting and trying new things is what enables me to grow as an artist. As long as I am pushing my boundaries and making progress, I feel content.

What do you love most about what you do? 

Everything! I love the freedom and release the most. Following my passion has brought me fulfillment and happiness. There are definitely tough times and it is constant hard work, though I feel the good far outweighs the bad.

What are some of the moments being an artist that have truly put a smile on your face?

Having a solo show is up there. It takes incredible amounts of hard work, dedication and money. So much of yourself is poured into a body of work, it feels like such an accomplishment when opening night comes around and the work is hung nicely in a space you have made your own. It is a really nice feeling 🙂

Can you tell us a little about the mural you have created in the brewery and where this concept

came from?

The mural is a painting of Australian Conservationist Madison Stewart, captured by photographer, Janaka Rodrigue. I love painting underwater figures because of the beautiful distortion of light and the calming feeling of weightlessness. I am incredibly inspired by Maddison and the action she is taking to make this world a better place, bit by bit. The effects of global warming on our oceans is catastrophic and drastic changes need to be made now. I hope we can work together to do what needs to be done and make serious changes for the future of our planet.

Where has art taken you?

Art has taken me all over Australia as well as Italy, France, London and Vancouver.

Why do you believe it is so important that others live their passion?

You can fail doing something you don’t love. Safety is an illusion. Pursuing your passion will be extremely hard work, but the work doesn’t feel as hard when it’s what you love most. Having less and doing less socially and materially doesn’t seem to matter when you are fulfilling your true desires.

We are thrilled to have you in the Brewing Local Artist event this year. If you won one of the awards what would you spend the prize money on?

More art supplies and some time off to create!

We are stoked to be working with you on this project, what do you admire about Burleigh Brewing?

After spending a week in the brewery painting, I never want to leave. It has such an effortless, comfortable, happy vibe and everyone is so friendly and helpful. I admire how well the team work together and how welcoming they are. The fact they support the community through projects like this is just the icing on the cake. Such a genuine, down to earth, great bunch of people. No wonder the craft beer tastes soooo goooood!!

Last updated 14 March 2022


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