At Burleigh we live our passion everyday by making the world’s best beers. Now we celebrate our friends who are living theirs! #liveyourpassion


Australian artist Clayton Blake knows a thing or two about creating art that makes a difference. The Gold Coast installation artist transforms everyday items into large-scale pieces that challenge beliefs and perceptions to effect change. Creation is at the heart of Clayton’s daily life — he aims to do at least one thing every day that will evolve his artistic practice.

Clayton believes we all have the capacity to make a positive contribution to the world and, his advice for anyone considering following their dream is simple — do it! Take the leap, and don’t waste another moment doing something you’re not passionate about. But most importantly, follow your truth and be kind to one another. Wise words, eh? #liveyourpassion.

Clayton we are stoked to have you as our Artist in Resident for December and have installed your BLA! 2018 swings at the Taphouse for summer. Can you tell us a little bit about this artwork?

The “Sit On My Face” swing project is a celebration of “artist pursuits.’ Delivered in a whimsical and light-hearted way. It pays tribute to the diverse range of “creatives” both locally and around the world. The subjects photographed included performance artists, visual artists, actors, art administrators, curators and sculptors.

What or who inspires you to create the artwork you do and to find new and exciting mediums to work with?

I aim to create and develop installations that expand the definition of art to include new forms of social engagement. Wherever possible I use art to promote discussion, encourage debate, and raise awareness about injustice, inequality and social change. I’m excited by the prospect of being in a position to effect positive change. Other artists that inspire me include Ai WeiWei, Anish Kapoor, Richard Sera, Antony Gormley and Andy Goldsworthy.

At Burleigh Brewing we love to recognise others who are living their passion. How do you live your passion every day?

My daily objective is to do at least one thing that will evolve my artistic practice. Through my work I aim to connect and share my views in an attempt to make a positive difference to people’s lives. In doing so I expose myself to scrutiny, critique and potential ridicule. Being an artist requires courage, confidence and a thick skin when creating art that challenges people’s beliefs and perceptions.

Why do you believe it is so important that others live their passion?

We all have the capacity to make a positive contribution to the world in which we live. For many taking that leap of faith and following your dream is a terrifying proposition. My advice is to not waste another moment doing something that you’re not passionate about. Follow your truth and be kind to one another.

To compliment your `Sit On My Face’ swings, we have featured a number of recent photos showcasing your epic Burning Man sculpture. How does the Burning Man festival inspire you to create?

The Burning Man Festival was my artistic “Everest”. Located in the Nevada Desert with no access to power it is one of the most gruelling and challenging locations to create large scale art. The event is the largest sculpture event in the world and it was an honour being the only Australian artist to exhibit in 2018. The Burning Man philosophy creates an empowering and supportive framework to test and create new and unique forms of public art.

Your sculpture was titled `Perpetual Consumption.’ What is the meaning behind this?

Perpetual Consumption is a comment on the never-ending cycle of consumerism.

Where did the inspiration come from to create such an epic sculpture made out of shopping trollies?

My artistic practice involves adapting everyday objects to specific artistic and architectural applications. I love using ordinary accessible items to create large scale, contemporary installations that challenge and excite. My aim is to distort the viewer’s preconceptions of structures and space.


Last updated 13 April 2022


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