International Womens Day

International Womens Day is powered by the collective efforts of all. #EachforEqual. This month we highlighted some of the women who work at Burleigh Brewing and how they’re making their mark as women in the craft beer industry.


Nina Maldos Lima
Orders and Accounts Receivable Officer

`My role at Burleigh Brewing looks after invoicing all direct customers and distributors, recording payments and ensuring invoices are being paid on time. I love the culture and the exciting new craft brews that keep the craft beer industry so interesting. There’s always something new out there to try and learn!

Working across many departments I like to see myself as someone that everyone can rely on. I love learning about all aspects of this family run business and the craft beer industry as a whole. My proudest achievement is to have taken this role head on with minimum experience in the area. This mindset has proven that I can achieve anything if I believe and am true to myself. The Burleigh Brewing family might not know it, but they have changed my life!’

Luna Brentegani
Quality Analyst/Lab Technician (But the crew at work call me “The Yeast Manager” and I like it!)

Every day I perform chemical and microbiological analyses and monitor the quality of our fermenting and packaged Burleigh beer. I keep track of the yeast to make sure it is healthy. Planning, advising, organising are just some other tasks I perform. Most days, you will probably see me walking around the tanks collecting samples.

The passion and dedication of every single person involved in this business is what makes the journey worth it. There is synergy here that is hard to find anywhere else.

I have only just begun my journey with Burleigh Brewing and with this role the brewery lab (my lab!) already looks different: we have an incubator (yippee!) and we always aim to always have the best equipment. I introduced a further focus on organisation and cleanliness to optimise our procedures and to ensure quality throughout the whole process of beer making.’

Kerryn Weavers
Channel Development Manager

`My role is to oversee and grow the independent channel for Burleigh Brewing. One of the things I love, is working for a brand that has been around in the early days and has, on many levels, set the bar of expectation for craft beer that is approachable for everyone.  We are a trusted independent partner with our customers and shoppers and this trust allows us to continue to grow at a steady rate, year after year.  After many years working in the wine side of the liquor industry, I have experienced a refreshing change working with a category that is in strong growth. Cheers to craft beer!

I have had a number of proud achievements so far in my role here at Burleigh Brewing from engaging a new team, new customers, supporting joint business planning with our key partners and helping to launch our Burleigh limited release program.’

Roslyn Finlayson
Admin & Team Support

`My role at Burleigh Brewing is to manage the sales reporting and help out with a bit of everything to support the team. Let’s just say, I solve problems with a smile. I love working in the craft beer industry because its relaxed, people are friendly and we are all working towards a goal that we are passionate about. Who can be unhappy around craft beer?!

Working for a family run business in this role allows me the flexibility to have the best of both worlds (family life and work life) which I am extremely grateful for.’

Daisy Fielding
Digital Coordinator

`My role at Burleigh Brewing is to manage some of the direct to consumer digital channels working with the broader Marketing team. I also have the opportunity for creative freedom to capture content around our `Let’s Talk Beer’ video series featuring brewers and our Burleigh beers.

I love that the craft beer industry is still growing and changing in Australia with more women involved year on year. When my parents (Founders Peta & Brennan Fielding) first created the brewery, there were only 30 craft breweries in Australia and now there are over 700! Craft beer brings with it, so many opportunities for all kinds of people, backgrounds and ages to work together in such a cool environment.

I have seen this business grow from the first brewery plan of a white piece of cardboard with little circles for tanks thirteen years ago while mum and dad tried to work out the best way to lay out their first brewhouse, to now the thriving and magical brewing company it is today. In my mind, Burleigh Brewing not only creates the best beer, but provides one of the best work environments an employee could ask for and I’m so happy to be working for my family business under the First Lady of craft beer Peta Fielding.’

Last updated 14 March 2022


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