International Women’s Day

International Womens Day is powered by the collective efforts of all. #ChooseToChallenge. This month we highlighted some of the women who work at Burleigh Brewing and how they’re making their mark as women in the craft beer industry.

CEO and Co-founder Peta Fielding shares some of her thoughts about how nice it is to see the shift in the craft beer industry since the beginning of Burleigh Brewing, 15 years ago.

“Compared with when Burleigh Brewing launched in 2006, it is wonderful to see so many more females looking to join the industry and certainly us here at Burleigh Brewing. The fact it is seen as an attractive career options speaks volumes about the welcoming, open nature of the craft beer world.”

“Burleigh Brewing is a female-friendly brand all around. Our consumer base is split very close to 50-50 and we have an ever-growing number of amazing ladies on our team, throughout each and every department.”

Fielding is blown away by the comments made by some of the ladies further down in this blog.

“I’m amazingly proud of each and every one of our team – guys and girls alike.”

Meet some of the amazing women in our team:

Tracey Marquart
Business Development Manager

I am Business Development Manager for GC South (Miami to Port MacQuarie). I spend my time creating relationships with all our awesome customers and getting Burleigh Brewing Beers into venues, including not only bottle-shops but also your favourite restaurants and bars. I support our existing business with updates of new products and fabulous new branding material the marketing team keep creating. I am always searching for new venues and restaurants that don’t have our beers to introduce them to the Burleigh range! It’s the best job in the world as we are such a well-respected and well-known brand.

I love the ethos and team & community spirit that BBC offers, we all feel very supported and appreciated and Peta our CEO is an amazingly creative and talented team leader with an ability to select the best people for the job, who all get on seamlessly working for the same end result – to get more people drinking our amazing Burleigh Beers. 

India Chapman
Marketing Support

My title is Marketing Support and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I get the opportunity to support all aspects of the Marketing department, working across both minor and major projects. Each day is super different, whether we are putting on events, preparing for a launch, focusing on branding, meeting with our partnerships, or even delivering beer – there’s always something exciting in the pipeline.

What first attracted me to work for Burleigh Brewing was that it’s a family-owned small business that values local first. The level of detail and care that is put into every decision, no matter how big or small is inspiring to be around. Having a female CEO is a dream – Peta truly is the first lady of craft beer and the epitome of great leadership. I feel so lucky to work alongside a team full of the most creative and talented people in the biz. Plus, the beers are a huge perk.

Rachel Torti
Social Media Lead

My day is pretty varied depending on what events or launches we might have to prepare or cover. I work remotely the majority of the week managing the social channels for Burleigh which includes creating content and scheduling posts for the brand as well as community management enquiries  (which is 7 days a week) I also cover events on the Burleigh social channels. My favourite days are when I get to spend time in the office with the team, planning out the marketing schedule (and trying not to distract them too much! 😉)

The team at Burleigh Brewing are so welcoming and super inclusive. Peta is honestly one of the most inspiring women I have ever worked with, she is such a warm and engaging person, her laugh is absolutely contagious. She is true testament that you don’t have to be reserved or cold to be a good female leader, she brings the best parts of being a female into her leadership. Her super power is definitely her attention to detail and versatile wealth of knowledge not only in the craft beer industry but in business and leadership in general. 

She is never too busy to stop and help with a tricky customer service query and she also has the very important skill of letting people take ownership of their roles and is always open to feedback and new processes.

Courtney Grieve
Team support

My role is called Team Support – if you ever contact us here at Burleigh Brewing then I’m probably the person you’ll be talking to. My day to day varies between mail pickups, banking runs, processing and packing online orders. Pretty much anything that needs to be done falls into my lap … I even picked up Yeast for the brewers once!

Apart from being a local business who represents where I grew up… my favourite thing about working for Burleigh Brewing is how much they care for their employees. There is such a great emphasises on maintaining a healthy work/life balance – not only is it embedded into the company ethos, but they genuinely really care. Everyone is also so kind and humble!

Mez Wachowicz
Brewing Assistant

I’m the newest Brewery Assistant! I assist the cellar team by cleaning tanks, helping set up the filter lines and jump in on the brew deck when needed.

The work / life balance and opportunity to work for a proud local company is pretty unbeatable. I always feel supported in my role and there’s always encouragement for ongoing learning. The positive culture here is a big testament to our CEO, Peta, she is the ultimate powerhouse for championing female equality, and we love her for it.

Last updated 27 January 2022


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