Over the years, a number of people who are sensitive to gluten have indicated to us that they are OK drinking our beers.

We were pretty intrigued by this, so we sent our core beers in for testing (Burleigh Bighead, Burleigh Twisted Palm, Burleigh 28, Burleigh Blonde, Burleigh FIGJAM, Burleigh Mid-Tide). The lab reports indicate that the Level of Reporting (LOR) for gluten is 3 mg/kg and that none of our core beers contained gluten at the detectable LOR concentration.

Perhaps our use of only traditional brewing ingredients, or our traditional, patient brewing methods significantly reduce the gluten contained in the end product? We don’t know for sure!

As our beers are brewed from malted barley (which contains gluten), Australian regulations prevent us from claiming that our beers are gluten free. In the end, it probably comes down to customer trial and individual tolerance levels.

So while we would love anybody who possibly can to enjoy our cold, fresh Burleigh Brewing beers, the answer isn’t as black and white (or amber) as you might have hoped!

Last updated 1 September 2020


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