The sun, the surf, the laid back atmosphere

Everything you love about Burleigh Heads is available with just the pop of a bottle thanks to Burleigh Brewing Co.

The boutique brewery has risen through the ranks and now boasts its stance as Queensland’s biggest Australian-owned brewery… and the beer doesn’t disappoint.

The selection ranges from the likes of the Hef, Daisy Duke and the Black Giraffe, a glimpse into the larrikin-nature of those behind the golden liquid, each crafted with a unique story.

Going Backstage with the Brewmaster gives visitors the opportunity to see the inner workings of the factory and just how the renowned beverage is made.

Brewmaster Brennan Fielding speaks passionately on his and wife Peta’s dream; to create a beer that truly encompasses their attitudes of balance, character and soul.

Those three words are emblazoned across many a bottle, coaster and wall-hanging, but he insists it’s a moniker they live through and through.

From the rainwater collected in the mountains of the Gold Coast hinterland to the hops passed down in tradition from the beer halls of Germany; each ingredient is pure, natural and respected in its own right.

The tour through the brewery enlightens visitors on the growth of the brand, the sheer scale of production but how they’ve managed to instil a culture of family along the way.

Brennan tells how each box is still hand-constructed on the assembly line and it’s these finer details that truly make you appreciate each drop of amber liquid from the bottle.

Of course, no brewery tour is complete without a sampling of product, and the friendly staff on the bar is on hand to guide you through the whole spectrum of products.

From the 28 Pale Ale, through the Duke or Big Head, there’s a beer to match all manner of tastes and always something new on the taps.
The Brew House itself has now become a destination in its own right with regular events showcasing not only the beer but also local food trucks and live music – a truly local experience and no better reason to enjoy a cold brew.

by Melissa Yeo

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Last updated 9 September 2020


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