Exercise more than just your tastebuds at Burleigh Brewing

Fitness at a Gold Coast craft brewery? Fitting in a Sunday workout never looked quite so appealing

Through some unorthodox collaborations with Pound Fitness and Savasana Sundaze yoga, Burleigh Brewing have found a new use for its aromatic craft brewery.

Bureligh Brewing is now preparing for it’s newest Sunday activity, Xtend Barre.  Xtend Barre is Pilates and dance amplified. It brings in elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body.

Burleigh Brewing have been opening their Taphouse an hour earlier on certain Sunday’s to those participating in specific classes and the response has been overwhelmingly positive (also with partners of participants who’ve been happy to enjoy a craft beer while their better halves “work out”).

It’s for those looking to get active, get social or simply for those tagging along as an excuse for a sneaky beverage. The venue’s sporting premiere of Savasana Sundaze saw more than 60 people downward dog through the doors kicking off the thirst for the following events.

Our own head honcho Peta Fielding commented, “looks as though lycra and beers do mix! I was dubious, I must admit but it was great to see our brewery being used in such a creative way”. She continued, “it’s great to be able to link in with local businesses and support Gold Coast industry”.

More of these collaborations with local businesses are being planned at the brewery seeing the Taphouse being temporarily turned into the Fit-house.

Pound Fitness is a fusion of cardio, Pilates and strength training, combined with constant drumming and in this case, world class craft beer. Pound Master Pro Trainer Diane Robertson is ready to put her students’ through their paces stating, ‘Pound is a one of a kind workout with a connection to music like no other and once you’re finished, you can enjoy a beer….You’ve earned the right to a coldie haven’t you?”

The next planned Pound & Pour drums in on the 23rd of October at 1PM. To secure your place, visit Pound Fitness Gold Coast on Facebook.

Our latest edition to the brewery fitness craze extends to a class with our friends at Xtend Barre, which premieres on Sunday the 6th of November at 1pm. Make sure you don’t miss out and email Stacey at staceyc@xtendbarre.com to let her know you’re coming!

Last updated 9 September 2020


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