English Ale – specifically a Bitter

We’ve pulled Brewmaster Brennan aside to discuss the English Ale – specifically a Bitter.

Don’t let the bitter part of the name mislead you though, these are enjoyable all year-round, and with nutty and toffee characters, are easy drinking with mild bitterness despite the name.

The back story to the style sounds like one of experimentation in that originally the English weren’t using hops in their brews. After discovering how good hops were for beer, they created a ‘Mild’ that used small amounts of hops in the recipe, over time and with more experimentation they created a ‘Bitter’ with a little more hop content, and an ‘Extra Special Bitter’ later again with even more hops. Down the track, the IPA came to be and the rest is kind of English history.

Our version called My Wife’s Bitter is, as you might imagine, based on the Bitter and is true to the style, offering the drinker all you’d expect in one of these – The colour, the aromas and importantly the approachable flavours. Give one a try, geezers, they’re pretty bloody great.

You can take a closer look at our English Ale right here: My Wife’s Bitter

And, if you’ve got any English Ale related questions, drop us an email to
specialhops@burleighbrewing.com.au and we’ll get Brewmaster Brennan on the case.

Last updated 17 September 2020


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