Congratulations to our BLA! 2018 art exhibition winner Skye Llewellyn!
This year Burleigh Brewing awarded $5,000 to the overall BLA winner to progress the future of an emerging local artist.

We had 16 artists exhibiting and over 500 people attending and voting on the night. With 90 votes from the public and 2 votes from the judges, Skye Llewellyn took home the Golden Growler and $5,000 to further her art dream.


Llewellyn how did you feel when they announced your name on the night as BLA! 2018 winner?

I was so shocked! There were so many amazing artists on the night, I really didn’t expect it. I was so grateful and totally pumped that people believed in my work. It is the biggest compliment ever!

This is the first year Burleigh Brewing have introduced the Golden Growler. What do you think?

It’s such a fun trophy, standing tall and proud, it’s going to make me smile forever, I love it!

Who did you bring to BLA! To support you on the night?

We only have an Aunty here on the Coast so we had to ask her to watch our kids so my Husband could come, so unfortunately I couldn’t have any family there but I had great support from my friends.

For those who missed the event, can you tell us a little about the artwork you had on display on the night and how you used the Balance, Character and Soul brief?

My works were bold and colourful abstract oil paintings representing my idea of community. I have never felt more connected to a community as I do here on the Gold Coast. There is a true sense of togetherness, that we are one, united in common dreams and values. We embody BALANCE – together we are one, CHARACTER – we are many colours, and SOUL – we are wild and free. I expressed the notions of character using colour, soul through gestural abstraction and balance through unity of works.

Thank you for creating live art on the night. Do you ever get nervous creating beautiful art in front of people on a time frame?

I was sooo nervous at first, but it was so much fun, everyone was really friendly wanting to come up and talk to me about my work and what I was doing. It’s a very different experience to being in your own studio with all the space and time to stand back and think about all the marks your making but I would recommend anyone to give it a go, it’s fun having other people involved in the process.

We hope the 5k will make a difference to your art dream. Can you share with us your plan to spend it?

Ahhhh, thank you so so much to Burleigh Brewing, I really cant believe that I won. This prize money will help in so many ways. It will allow me to pay for materials, supplies and studio rent for six months so I can work on having my first solo show here on the Gold Coast since 2008. Thank you!!!!!

Do you have anything exciting happing in your art world over the next couple of months?

Im excited about being the next artist in residence at Burleigh Brewing and super excited about putting on my solo show.

What do you like about Burleigh Brewing?

Burleigh Brewing is such an amazing local business, a supporter of the arts and a great space for people to get together. It’s such a genuine, down to earth business that feels like it’s your best friend, ha ha, I guess beer is for some.

Would you encourage local artists to get involved in BLA! 2019?

Yes absolutely, its such a great night, fun, friendly and down to earth. It’s a great opportunity to show your work and meet other local artists, just a great experience all round.

Last updated 14 April 2022


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