From our Brewers’ Notebook. This is your beer.

Inspired by new adventures, we’re always dreaming of our next brew. We can’t help it, we were born this way. Lifted straight from the pages of our Brewers’ Notebook we invite you to enjoy our latest creation – released in a limited batch, because there are many more pages to bring to life.

Burleigh Wild Flower

Pale Ale x Gin Botanicals | 5.5% ABV

In collaboration with Wildflower Gin, a neighbouring Burleigh Heads distillery, we’ve brought a gin ‘twist’ to the hopping regime in this refreshingly delicate ale.

Brewed with Wildflower Gin’s signature botanical spice mix. Refreshing with a hint of citrus & cinnamon.

  Preservative Free.

  Vegan Friendly.


Available in

Single Can

Four Pack

Carton (16 cans)

Last updated 18 February 2023


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