Burleigh Comedy Partners with GC Laughs

We’ve teamed up with the crew over at GC Laughs to bring you some of the country’s best comedian acts!

The GC Laughs Festival kicked off last week right here at Burleigh Brewing! It was a great night full of world class beer, belly aching laughs and fabulous food. If you missed out don’t panic, the show is only just getting started.

 From the Festival’s funniest stars to homegrown heroes who will have you howling, this is the biggest comedy showcase on the Coast.

The laughs will just keep coming at the Home of the Arts all the way until the 11th of May! Check out the full schedule here and grab yourself a Burleigh craft beer while you sit back and enjoy the show.

We are thrilled to partner with GC Laughs and HOTA to help bring you these amazing shows that support local acts! We’ll see you there.

Last updated 15 March 2022


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