Burleigh Fifteen

Happy Birthday with us!

From our Brewers’ Notebook. This is your beer.


Inspired by new adventures, we’re always dreaming of our next brew. We can’t help it, we were born this way. Lifted straight from the pages of our Brewers’ Notebook we invite you to enjoy our latest creation – released in a limited batch, because there are many more pages to bring to life.

Burleigh Fifteen
Dusseldorf Dunkel 6.0% ABV

In celebration of our fifteenth year, we’ve taken inspiration from 15th Century German brewing to create Burleigh Dusseldorf Dunkel. Dark lagers, which came to be known as dunkel, grew in popularity in the 1700s. Yet in the 15th Century, towns like Dusseldorf were brewing malty, smoky ales. Burleigh Fifteen is a nod to those times. Compared with a modern dunkel, you’ll find slightly more body & sweetness, with just the right amount of hops to balance out the experience. Available for a limited time only in packs of 4 x 375ml cans and cartons of 16 x 375lm cans.

Burleigh Brewing’s CEO and co-founder Peta Fielding believes interesting beers are not a ‘new age’ thing. “There are hundreds of examples of historical beer styles and we love to find ways to give them new life. A fifteenth century dunkel made perfect sense for our fifteenth year. We take the best bits of the style, wrap them up with current ingredients and the benefits of modern, hygienic brewing equipment and create really awesome adventures in beer.”

Brewmaster and co-founder Brennan Fielding describes Burleigh Fifteen as his way of, “taking a step back in time.” It’s his very own version of time travel! We think that’s pretty cool. So grab yourself a can and take a sip back in time with us.

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      Last updated 14 January 2022


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