Burleigh Fifteen Dusseldorf Dunkel

In celebration of Burleigh Brewing’s fifteenth year, we have brewed an exclusive beer for the GABS Beer Festival 2021.

We’ve taken inspiration from 15th Century German brewing to create a Burleigh Dusseldorf Dunkel aptly named Burleigh Fifteen.⁠
Dark lagers, which came to be known as dunkel, grew in popularity in the 1700s. But in the 15th Century, towns like Dusseldorf were brewing malty, smokey ales. Burleigh Fifteen is a nod to those times. ⁠
Compared with a modern dunkel, you’ll find slightly more body and sweetness, with just the right amount of hops to balance out the experience.⁠
This beer was sold out at GABs Festival in Sydney at the Burleigh Brewing Brew Haul stand and will be available at the GABs tap bar in Melbourne on the weekend of the 21st of May! The beer enablers will be back with the Burleigh Brew Haul at the Brisbane GABs festival on Saturday the 12th of June. Swing by and
try a glass of Burleigh Fifteen or some of our other award-winning brews. Happy birthday with us!⁠

Last updated 27 January 2022


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