Burleigh Brewing Co launches new drop

Burleigh Brewing Co has bottled the essence of its namesake suburb, with the latest addition to its stable of brews selling out in the first week.

Written by Business News Australia, published October 6 2016.

Twisted Palm is a tropical pale ale with hints of orange, mango and papaya, taking its inspiration from the Pandanus trees along Burleigh Heads.

Burleigh Brewing Co brew-master Brennan Fielding says the concept came from wanting to capture a day at the beach.

“We love everything there is to love about Burleigh Heads and joked about being able to bottle it for people to take home, so we thought, why not – and that’s where Twisted Palm came from,” Fielding says.

“This is a really easy to drink beer that fits well with the Queensland lifestyle. While flavourful and aromatic, it’s a relaxed and uncomplicated beer that is perfect for sharing with mates at the beach or at a summer barbie.

“One of the things I love about the Pandanus is that it is totally unique, it is neither a palm nor a pine. Burleigh Heads has that same sense of uniqueness.

“That inspired me to create something special, this beer is simply Burleigh in a bottle.”

He says the new brew also complements food and pairs well with seafood through to more robust dishes.

Filtered at 4.2 per cent alcohol by volume, Twisted Palm is available at a number of establishments and bottle shops across south-east Queensland.

Last updated 17 September 2020


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