Burleigh Bandit – SOLD OUT

Red IPA 6.0% ABV

Floral hop aroma, smooth malty character with firm, balanced bitterness.

Our newest release from the Brewers’ Notebook.

From our Brewers’ Notebook. This is your beer.

Inspired by new adventures, we’re always dreaming of our next brew. We can’t help it, we were born this way. Lifted straight from the pages of our Brewers’ Notebook we invite you to enjoy our latest creation – released in a limited batch, because there are many more pages to bring to life.

Once upon a time…

there were cowboys & outlaws, and today, we call them craft brewers. Our latest Brewers’ Notebook release is a nod to those who came before us, the true bandits of the 70’s – their imagination ignited a craft beer revolution, one that turned a golden era, into glorious rust.

Brewed boldly to balance the highway robbery of five distinct malts, each individually most wanted across the land – we present a contemporary brilliance, Burleigh Bandit Red IPA.

Wanted! Burleigh Bandit is on the loose. Can you get your hands on one?

About the beer

Burleigh Bandit Red IPA is brewed with five different malts from regions around the world, used in a unique blend to create this brilliant red IPA.

The solid malt characters are balanced perfectly with firm bitterness and floral hoppy aromas.

This is one of our brew team’s favourite beer styles and was a standout performer in our Burleigh Taphouse as a one-off, exclusive brew. While not the first red IPA we’ve brewed, it’s the first one we’ve packaged for the market and is a contemporary evolution of the American IPA movement that kicked off in the ‘70s.

In celebration of International IPA Day on August 4th.

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      Last updated 20 September 2022


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