Recipes for great craft beer we can do.
Apparently we also feature in the recipe for love.

Recently we were lucky enough to entertain a pretty special group here in the Taphouse. Why so special? Well they were the wedding party for a pretty special couple Sharon & Nigel.

What makes Sharon and Nigel so special? We are sure there are lots of things, but the thing that got us was that they had there very first date at Burleigh Brewing 3.5 years ago.

The pair tell us they met playing on the same touch footy team and in September of 2013, Nigel got up the courage to ask Sharon on the date that started it all.

Nigel had been told by friends it was a great night and definitely worth a visit, plus he was already a fan of Bighead, but he had never actually been to a Brewhouse bash. Initially we wanted to say cheers to Nigel for trusting us to play hosts on this special evening. Then we found out he was a tad nervous he was setting himself up for a fail and before they arrived he actually asked Sharon “If you don’t like it, can I have a do-over?”.

There was no need to worry – Sharon LOVED trying all the different beers, sampling the different wines and enjoying the food and the live music “it was perfect”. First date nailed Nigel.

They also have friends who met at the brewery and are still together! There must be something in the water…err….beer.

(Side note. Planning on taking someone out? check out our Taphouse hours. *wink wink*)

When we sat down with the pair for a beer the week before their big day, they told us how they found it pretty cool to watch the growth of the brewery over these past 3.5 years – watching the Friday night crowd grow from a fair small group that could fit inside the original Brewhouse bar to the large and lively crowds that now spill out across the new Taphouse area.

Considering their relationship started at the brewery they thought it would be the perfect way to start their wedding day. And that is how we came to be the first stop on their wedding day adventures.

We also heard that they had a number of guests travelling interstate and they wanted to show those Sydney-siders what real beer tasted like. We like the way you think team.

From all of us here at Burleigh Brewing, a huge congratulations to the pair! Wishing you a happy, hoppy life ahead.

Last updated 14 June 2021


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