Brewing Local Artist: Ez Larmor

Brewing Local Artists is an initiative that celebrates and showcases the work of emerging artists in our community, to reach audiences far and wide.

From the Brewing Local Artists event in April 2022, to creating two custom large-scale murals at Robina Pavillion here on the Gold Coast – Burleigh Brewing and local artist Ez Larmor have formed a natural affiliation with beer and art.

“My art has been described as the touch point of cubism, pop and abstract and continues to evolve with
every social and environmental encounter.

The evolution of my art continues, no doubt influenced by the people and places that I have experienced.

My family home was near La Perouse NSW, an area rich in Australian history for both the First Nations
people and early western explorers.

On a Peninsula and surrounded by the ocean, I explored the landscapes and visited the sea often and it
would be these influences that eventually found their way into my work.

I sought a change of pace and moved to the the Gold Coast.

While I had grown up around the ocean it was on the Gold Coast where my passion for surfing would be
sparked and its influence in my art would be ignited.

As an artist I am continually inspired by the curves and flow of the ocean and its ultimate
interaction with the harsh coastline and its surrounding man-made architecture. Surfing and the ocean are
a natural freedom and peace for me.

My work has found its way on garments and product ranges internationally. From my studio here in Burleigh
Heads to far away places such as France, Spain, Portugal, Munich and South Africa.”

Last updated 8 September 2022


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