Who brews your beer?

Brewing is not only the combination of art, craft and science, but also teamwork that makes the dream work.

Here at Burleigh Brewing, we are lucky enough to have a brew team made up of a number of full time talented local legends. They’re the heart and the soul of our business, spending day in, day out – climbing the stairs of the brew deck, doing the monster mash and ensuring we are delivering the premium craft beer choice to you. From creating fresh recipes from local ingredients to bringing their inspirations to life – let’s just say there it a lot to brewing!

Meet some of the faces keeping busy amongst the Burleigh tanks:

Sean Culverston

Senior Brewer

While Rowan is kicking off his brewing career, our Senior Brewer, Sean is celebrating his milestone 10th Year Anniversary working for Burleigh Brewing. Sean’s career boasts thousands of brews – a testament to his knowledge and dedication to the industry. He, along with his long-time brewing peers, have been the core force behind the success of Burleigh Brewing. Brewmaster and Co-Founder, Brennan Fielding remarks “My favourite thing about Sean is that he’s an ideas man… he has the perfect balance of creativity and practicality that is emphasised through his worth ethic, he’s a real problem solver”.

When Sean first came to Burleigh Brewing, he was a Byron Bay native who couldn’t imagine ever moving to the Gold Coast. Fast forward to now, he couldn’t imagine ever leaving (lucky for us!)

Rowan Hailing

Junior Brewer

Our junior brewer, Rowan, has had an incredible year. Back in March he took out the title of Best New Queensland Craft Brewer at the 2021 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show Beer Awards. Upon learning of his original nomination from his peers, Rowan said he feels “privileged and fortunate to be in this role at Burleigh Brewing and this has only made me more motivated to keep improving and moving forward”.

This month, Rowan and his win were honoured at an event held at Will + Flow in Brisbane City. The event was attended by Deputy Premier Steven Miles, Education Minister Grace Grace, former Attorney-General Jarron Bleijie and Star Casino’s Geoff Hogg. All attendees were given the opportunity to sample Rowan’s competition winning beer. You Little Bruty! will be sold across an array of Treasury Brisbane’s venues.

“I took the approach that there’s a beer for every occasion and given that the venue is right on the water and is a great spot for wine, cocktail, or beer drinkers, I decided to create a brut IPA” Rowan said of the connection between You Little Bruty! and Will + Flow.

It’s a dry, crisp, and citrus IPA recipe, with a high level of carbonation to almost resemble a champagne”

You Little Bruty! is also now available to purchase for takeaway at our Burleigh Brewing Taphouse.

Mez Wachowicz

Brewery Assistant

When searching for the can artwork inspiration for our recent Brewers’ Notebook release, Burleigh Sublime – we turned to the brewery for inspiration. Our brewery assistant, Mez, suggested we approach her longtime friend and tattooist, Laura Marshall. After seeing the ink on Mez’s arms, we knew it was a perfect fit – and the rest is history.

Mez joined the brewery at the start of 2021 and has a varied background ranging from hospitality in a craft beer bar to operating heavy machinery in airports. Outside work hours, Mez fancies a hit on the golf course or catching waves near her home, in Kirra. She even co-lead the charge to start an offical Burleigh Brewing Morning Surf Club!

Will Kitchen

Brewery Assistant

Like Mez, Will also signed on to team Burleigh Brewing in the early months of 2021. Coming from a retail warehouse background, Will was chasing a lifestyle change and took up the opportunity to join our brew team in a Brewery Assistant role. If you’re thinking that his friendly face looks familiar, you’ve probably seen him around here before – as our in house model for all things Burleigh merch related. You can check him working his magic infront of the camera here, while shopping our new Summer merch collection! Will is an enthusiastic and motivated addition to our team, we’re stoked to have him on board!

Last updated 2 February 2022


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