Created around the same premise as our BLA! (Brewing Local Artists) event, the Artist in Residence program is here to help generate exposure for Gold Coast artists, and to engage and inspire our community with the depth of creative talent that exists here on the Coast. This month, our Artist in Residence is the incredible Sean Scott.

Sean Scott needs little introduction. With social media numbers in the hundreds of thousands, a beautiful gallery and store in Burleigh heads and a pile of once-in-a-lifetime experiences photographing the world under his belt, Sean Scott’s love of sharing what he sees creates a wonder for all of us to enjoy.

You’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years now. Was photography something that you’ve always been fascinated with?
Yeah, I’ve always liked to show people things and I always thought photography was a good way to do that … I guess that’s essentially what got me here.

When did you decide that you would make a career out of photography?
I worked full time for 5 years while I was selling my images at the markets. I decided to open a small gallery here in Burleigh and keep working my full time job. I took 1 year off without pay and was fortunate enough to never go back. It’s been 13 years since I opened that first gallery.

We’ve seen major advances in photographic technology over the past decade and a bit; namely the introduction of digital cameras, social media and in more recent times, drones. Has this technology changed the way you approach your photography?
I’m probably not as up to scratch as I should be with technology but it’s certainly a lot easier now. When I began, I was using a film camera, you had limited photos on a roll and you had no idea if the lighting was good until you’d developed the film. The digital camera age has made it easier in some aspects but also harder in others; it’s a lot more competitive now, but with social media being so popular these days, everyone is open to seeing and sharing your work.

 You’ve been fortunate enough to travel to the far reaches of the globe as a photographer. Is there one location that stands out as your most memorable or favorite to photograph?
Yeah I’ve been pretty lucky with the places I’ve travelled to. I think the trip to the arctic is up there – Iceland & Greenland’s weather conditions are just so fierce and change so dramatically, the rugged landscape is an absolute dream to shoot.

Much of your work showcases the wonder of natural environment. Has your photography given you a deeper connection to the wonder that surrounds us?
Yeah, from the stars at night, to a perfect barreling wave, mother nature is definitely one of my biggest inspirations to shoot.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to a budding photographer looking to improve?
To be in the right place at the right time…
Your never going to get that good sunrise if you sleep in, get up early and go the extra mile. If you love your photography, let it flow and be creative.
Also study your equipment to understand how it works so you can capture it when everything falls into place.

Find out more:
Instagram: @seanscottphotography
Facebook: facebook.com/www.seanscottphotography.com.au

Last updated 30 September 2020


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