Created around the same premise as our BLA! (Brewing Local Artists) event, the Artist in Residence program is here to help generate exposure for Gold Coast artists, and to engage and inspire our community with the depth of creative talent that exists here on the Coast.

Go Suga is one funny, creative and insanely talented individual. Go is a Japanese born Gold Coast artist who moved to Australia with his family from Japan in 1990, Go has truly embraced his new home, creating incredible work that references everything from mythical gods through to the waves he rides. 
Below is part two of our interview with the man himself. Check out part 1 here if you haven’t already.

Hades – Go Suga.
No one has ever seen Lord Hades before, now we can clearly see that Lord is a female. Hades receives the sacred flower and plants it in front of her… She is borrowing moon and oceans power to give new life to this flower.
6mm x 1200mm x 900mm + frame

Acrylic on board, Posca pens and paper among other media feature regularly in your work – do you have a favourite medium to work with?
As you mentioned I started my painting career by using Posca pens, they are awesome to use. Application is easy, colour selections are great and you can create your own colours very easily. At the moment, I really like using acrylic on board. I never used to use brush to paint before but am getting used to it now. Just recently though I started creating my own picture frame on my paintings with my favourite taste of colours and patterns on them, they are small prototypes but I really like the outcome so thinking to do a larger piece in near future. It brightens the whole painting and gives more of a FUN vibe to it.

Your work was featured in a group exhibition at Open Walls Gallery in Berlin, can you tell us how that came about and how it impacted you or your work?
This was my first international exhibition I remember being so stoked about this one. All credit goes to 19 Karen for this one coming about. It happened as soon as I joined 19 Karen and I was just wowed. I cannot thank Director Terri Lew and all the staff at 19 Karen not just for this exhibition but for my art career so far. I started art not so long ago and made number of paintings and got in contact with Terri. First, I thought she probably wouldn’t even look at my paintings but when she called me back, man was I excited!  This particular show definitely had positive impact to me and my art for sure. It made me feel that the international world is not so far away with art, it is reachable so I started to think bigger than I did. Now my goal is to do a solo show in NY city … Eventually!

Do you have a shortlist or single person you would say is your biggest artistic influence?
I get influenced from everywhere and lot of people as well… Paul Klee, Bruce Lee, Mark Rothko, Ken Done, but if I say biggest so far would be my fellow 19 Karen Artist Johnny Romeo as he is probably the most highly celebrated artist who I know personally and can actually talk to in person. He is a great guy, I’m sure he is busy as hell but when ever I call he is always willing to listen to you and give you any advice he can.

Night Funatabi – Go Suga.
After finding the sacred flower, boss giant is now on his spaceship to the underground world.
There awaits lord of the under world Hades… Once you enter the underground world you are constantly under Hades surveillance.
6mm x 1200mm x 900mm + frame

What do you do when you’re not creating art – what are you passionate about?
SURFING!! Sometimes I do too much of it that I have less time doing art!  Driving my old school van is another thing but I do that to go surfing most of the time. Oh yeah, and my family! My wife Asami, my Son Noah and my dog Lui.

Do you have any shows or exhibitions coming up?
I have a one night T-shirt design colab event called “Let’s Face it” in Brisbane in February and a group show in New Zealand around August and maybe a few others but not certain yet.

Can you tell us about any significant events, exhibitions or anything else that had a big impact on your work?
It is very hard to nail one. All of the art related events in the past few years has been really great for me and have impacted me in a positive way. I think a Iot of luck is involved as well. First when I got into 19 Karen I thought it was a fluke, then I won an art prize – lucky! Then news on TV – sweet! Then magazine articles, interviews and then it kinda stops and you think “ok that was awesome but maybe its about to stop now” and then another opportunity pops up! It seems no matter what if you keep doing what you love, someone is going to be interested in what you are doing and want to do stuff with you.

Do you have a favourite experience you’ve had with brush/pen/pencil in hand?
That time when I accidentally stuck my brush up my dog’s nose and made him sneeze! I hope the RSPCA don’t come get me… Nah, my favourite time with any of these tools always has to be when I’m working on my art! 🙂

Kage Ni Hide Cut – Go suga.

Check out part 1 of Go’s interview here if you haven’t already.

Go Suga would like to thank 19 Karen Director Terri Lew along with the rest of the staff for being such a big part of his artistic career so far. Support Gold Coast Art!

Each month we’ll feature a new one of our incredible Gold Coast artists, with their work showing at our Taphouse in Burleigh and here online. You’ll be able to interact with them via social media, purchase their work or just stare in admiration at what they’ve created. If you are interested in purchasing some artwork, you can get in touch with Go Suga via his website, or if you’re an artist and would like to be a part of BLA! or our Artist in Residence program, send us an email.

Last updated 14 June 2021


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