A peek behind the scenes at Burleigh Brewing

Burleigh Brewing recently spent some time with the super talented Jeff Licence from Tigermonkey Productions to let you into the world of Burleigh Brewing…

Sneak Peak

We were delighted to work with the uber talented Jeff Licence from Tigermonkey Productions recently to try and capture the Burleigh Brewing spirit on film to share with the wider community.  What began a small project bloomed into a four part series as we all realised we had quite a bit to say about Burleigh Brewing and its place in the brewing world, the Burleigh and wider community and the small part we play in shaping, creating and building on the cultural landscape of the Gold Coast.

Jeff has produced some amazing Gold Coast stories recently including Kicking Off the White Shoes and 4224.  Both are fantastic films and they’re also available to purchase, on one DVD, from the Brewhouse Bar for only $25…bargain!

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Last updated 13 September 2020


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